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Back Pain Specialist

The Clinic Houston Chiropractic

Michael Shiha, DC

Chiropractor & Upper Cervical Specialist located in Katy, TX

Back pain is responsible for widespread suffering and loss of function for people of all ages. If you’re living with back pain, Michael Shiha, DC and his team at The Clinic Houston Chiropractic in Katy, Texas, provides expert diagnosis and noninvasive treatments to address the causes of back pain. To benefit from his experience, call the practice today or schedule an appointment online.

Back Pain Q & A

Why do I have back pain?

Back pain is something many people experience, and for some, it becomes a chronic, disabling problem.

Often, back pain is a result of acute incidents like falls, sports injuries, or auto accidents that cause soft tissue damage and subluxation (shifting the spine out of alignment). Or you may have problems like scoliosis — an unnatural sideways curve to your spine.

One of the most frequent causes of back pain is the deterioration in your tissues as you age. This can lead to problems such as:


Back pain can also be due to poor posture. If you slump at your desk or walk with an uneven stride, for instance, that can put repeated strain on your back and neck that leads to pain. Lifting awkwardly or twisting your back as you do everyday tasks frequently causes back pain, too.

What should I do if I have back pain?

Sometimes problems like simple muscle strains get better in a few days or weeks if you take it easy and give the tissues a chance to heal. Massage, anti-inflammatory medication, applying ice and heat, and moving gently can all help promote recovery.

However, if you have severe back pain and loss of function, or symptoms of pinched nerves such as tingling, prickling, burning, or numbness, you should visit Dr. Shiha for an assessment.

It’s also worth seeing Dr. Shiha if you have a less severe case of back pain that doesn’t improve with self-care. He can identify the cause of your pain and provide effective treatments for most back problems.

What treatments can ease my back pain?

The treatments Dr. Shiha recommends for your back pain vary depending on the cause of your condition and how it’s affecting you, but could include:

  • Myofascial scraping (soft tissue manipulation)
  • Physical therapy
  • Neuromuscular reeducation
  • Chiropractic care


Dr. Shiha specializes in using gentle chiropractic methods like the NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) technique. That means you won’t have to endure any twisting movements and won’t feel or hear any popping or cracking during your treatment.

Chiropractic is a safe, noninvasive method of restoring spinal alignment and releasing pinched nerves and tight muscles. To find out how you could benefit from chiropractic treatment of your back pain, call Michael Shiha, DC, today or book an appointment online.