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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Shiha has successfully treated my severe shoulder and neck pain. The severity of the pain I experienced has been remedied through his expertise."

    Yoleida E.
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    "He has a gift for understanding and validating. He’s so knowledgeable about the brain and body connection. I’ve learned so much from him. "

    Shawndy L.
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    "My husband has relief from his chronic tension headaches and my son is now under care for his academics."

    Summer D.
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    "He was able to quickly diagnose the issue but went further to understand my active lifestyle and was able to develop a plan that was suitable for me."

    Sergio D.
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    "Dr. Shiha is probably one of the smartest people of I’ve ever met, and get this, he genuinely cares about his patients. "

    Michelle D.
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    "Doctor Shiha is amazing I’ve had neck and back pain for years and through these treatments I’ve been able to function better daily and not be in so much pain."

    Saira L.
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    "I went in for my shoulder pain and after the first adjustment it was relieved immediately. Dr. Shiha is very informative and detailed oriented. "

    Jenn N.
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    "Dr. Shiha was able to help my daughter's headaches with Chiropractic treatment when two neurologists couldn't."

    Ken D.
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    "You have nothing to lose with an initial consultation as he will be honest with you whether the treatment will be beneficial to your particular case."

    Liza S.
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    "The reason to come in to Dr. Shiha is because he makes you feel better by doing only what needs to be done and nothing more. It really is that simple. "

    Mike S.


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